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New Set Of Rules CD album

Still the best selling The Jime album! A physical CD sent in the mail + a MP3 that you can download immediately.
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This 4th CD from Vince Gordon and The Jime was released in 2007 as the follow-up to the very popular "It's Still Rock'n'Roll To Me" on Nervous Records in 2002.

It was very well received and the fans that preferred "Mean Side Of To Me" (1999) to "It's Still Rock'n'Roll To Me" felt that "Rockabilly Beat" was a "return" for The Jime. Vince Gordon thinks (in his very uncanded manner) that this is BS, but "Rockabilly Beat" is his own favorite album (Mainly because of the songselection that spans songs written over a 20+ year period).

and features 16 brand new original rockabilly tracks written by Vince Gordon.




"Being a mediocre guitar player, I had previously ordered the “Intermediate Rockabilly Guitar Lesson” eBook as well as the “Jam With The Jive” CD so when I received an email stating “Jam With The Jive 2” CD was available I ordered it as well. I also ordered The Jime’s CD “New Set Of Rules” at the same time to experience The Jime doing more than playing Jam Tracks. “New Set of Rules” contains 16 tracks from boogie (Where the River Flows) to swing (I’m Still Around) to ballad (Till End of Time) to all out twang (Take This Heart) but all done rockabilly style. I like the mix of guitar, bass, drums and vocal, all with a little slap echo where needed. The sound is exactly what I would expect to hear in a live setting without any over production. The songs are different enough to make the listening experience interesting since I tend to over analyze what I listen to sometimes. Also Vince Gordon is a Gretsch guitar master and an example for those of us not even close to his ability."


John Chevalier, Missouri, United States


Reviews from CD Baby

BlackCat, 2007

"I'm happy to grant them all 5 out of 5 stars again for this new release. In fact I think it's even better, more matured, but without losing any rockabilly authenticity. From the crispy opener "How Could I Tell", past the slow slapping "London Town", across the bluesy "A Little More Time" and the Johnny Cash style "I Had Enough", on to the sensitive country rocker "Closer To The End" (lyrics included on the inside cover), all the way down to raw and greasy rockabilly bopper "I'm Still Around", the Jime will raise the hairs in your neck time and time again."

Dennis W. Eaton

Not just rockabilly....
These guys are much more than just a rockabilly band; they are a great band who can play rockabilly, country, surf, doo-wop, and straight-up rock and roll!
Love the great guitar tone! Lots of guys over here would like to sound like that!
Keep it up, and get over here to the U.S. of A. real soon!!!
Read less....

linda smith

My husband and I know of a lot of Rockabilly bands. When our local newspaper reviewed this band as "the real thing" we were skeptical. Of course, the minute we heard them we knew the review was right on. These guys rock. I loved every song on this ce.

william love

new set of rules / the jime
excellent album really good mixture of well written songs ,great voice really captures the 50s, hard album to follow though best of luck signed william


Pure rockabilly
My favourite song is London Town: it is rockabilly sound in the purest form!

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