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Travel On album MP3

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This is the 6th CD from The Jime and features 16 brand new original rockabilly tracks written by Vince Gordon.

Vince Gordon is playing the guitar used for the "Scotty Moore sound" video on most of the tracks of Travel On.

Check out this YouTube video Vince made of the Scotty Moore sound. It now has more than 221.000 views!

The sound is just magic and very old school...


1. Go, Go!
2. Travel On
3. To All My “Friends”
4. I’ll Be Satisfied (When You’re Gone)
5. Minor Moonlight
6. Never Kissed A Girl Like You
7. Midnight Train
8. Radio
9. Ain’t No Love Like You And Me
10. You Know The Scene (When It’s All About The Green)
11. Grand Rhythm
12. Boom-Chicka-Boom
13. Travellin’ Man
14. That Was It
15. All The Lies
16. Ready, Set, Go-Man-Go!


Great Rockabilly from the Jime, led by guitar ace Vince Gordon.Travel Onbrings more of 1950s Rockabilly influences than their more Neo-Rockabilly styled early albums.

Perhaps the perfect blend of the modern Neo-Rockabilly style and the original Rockabilly sound.

All songs are brand new Jime originals.

Howard Raucous, Raucous Records, UK.