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Rockabilly Beat CD album

The 2nd best selling album. Vince Gordon's favorite. A physical CD sent in the mail + a MP3 that you can download immediately.
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"All killers, no fillers" is the rule that The Jime go by with concerts and CDs. "Rockabilly Beat" is no exception from this rule. A powerhouse of a rockabilly album from the first song to the nineteenth and last.

Vince Gordon IS The Jime. Rockabilly extraordinaire, singer, composer, producer and super guitarist Vince Gordon is not easy to describe. "The Mozart of rockabilly" he's been named for his ability to write a seemingly endless string of catchy melodies of which not two are alike. "The man and his music are one. Vince wouldn't be anybody if he didn't have his music, and rockabilly music wouldn't be the same if it didn't have Vince Gordon." From The Blackcat. The biggest rockabilly website in Europe.

"Rockabilly Beat" was very well received and the fans that preferred "Mean Side Of To Me" (1999) to "It's Still Rock'n'Roll To Me" felt that it was a "return" for The Jime. Vince Gordon thinks (in his very candid manner) that this is BS, but "Rockabilly Beat" is his own favorite album (Mainly because of the songselection that spans songs written over a 20+ year period).


Readers comments from US newspaper The Valley Advocate:

  • "Vince and The Jime are awesome...he's got talent that goes way beyond what most people have. Give it a'll be surprised at what you'll's like going back in time!"
  • "He is a Rockabilly King."
  • "The sound that he and The Jime achieve is truly amazing and authentic."

...and authentic is what you can expect from The Jime's latest album "Rockabilly Beat". The Jime keep on putting out albums of the same amazing quality, and as always, this CD is packed with gems.

Review of Rockabilly Beat

The Jime 

Well, this is not the first Jime review I wrote, and most likely it won't be the last one either. There are actually quite a lot CD reviews about Vince Gordon and his Jime on this website (, and most if not all have a five-star rating. This one is no exception. And in case you were wondering how come, the answer is simple: Vince Gordon makes great rockabilly music!

This Cd has been in the pile on my desk for a while, and Vince has been waiting patiently for me to find time to review it. When I went through the stack today it caught my eye again and here we are...

Rockabilly Beat. As usual, Vince Gordon plays wrote all the songs himself, he plays the guitar, piano and double bass and handles all the lead vocals. With the help of his friend Sticks, they made another remakable album, which Vince also recorded, produced and engineered himself. Incredible! And there are 19 (!!!) tracks on this album. You can imagine the work and effort that went into making this.

I'm not gonna review each and every track, because 19 in a row is a bit too much, even for me, but I have enjoyed every song, I can assure you that. Vince produces his own Rockabilly sound, while staying true to original 50's style, and that is what I like best about The Jime's music, it's fresh and new and still has that oldtime feel to it. Besides all this, I also think that Vince is an absolute expert on the rockabilly guitar. He is also a teacher and author of two Rockabilly Guitar eBooks.

So if you would like to play a bit of rockabilly guitar yourself, check out Vince's eBooks: "How to play rockabilly guitar and get good, fast!" and "Intermediate Rockabilly Guitar Lessons".

Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2009


five star review on Google play

Five star review on Google play of Rockabilly Beat

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