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It's A Wheel CD album

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This is rockabilly. More fifties than twenty-tens. Original, swinging, rough and raw rockabilly.

The album is clearly influenced by Perkins, Lewis, Holly and Cash. The perfect blend of the modern Rockabilly style and the original Rockabilly sound.

It's the 7th CD from The Jime and features 16 brand new original rockabilly tracks written by guitar-ace Vince Gordon of The Rockabilly Guitar Page/The Jime.

For the first time on record Vince Gordon uses saxophone on two tracks: "A Man On Mars" which could have been a Sinatra or Bobby Darin classic and the beautiful pulp fiction-esque ballad "Aching Dreams". Other than that, it's stripped down rockabilly with raw guitar, slap bass and drums a la W.S.Holland of Johnny Cash on every track. Check out "Lonesome Me" (Vince Gordon original - Not the Hank Williams classic) played in the best tradition of the famous Nashville A-team with Grady Martin, who used to back up Johnny Burnette. You're in for a treat!

dennis masters

This is the business! The best jime album so far, and i have them all (No, not the famous first vinyl one - what about a re-release?). Its raw like mean side of town, and the songs are the best bunch ever. Rock on vince!!!

John A.

excellent album, great songs, great voice, great guitar, really captures the 50s when it sounded best.
Review by Mark Saurs

Vince Gordon continues a long tradition of experimentation. Through the use of modalities and progressions that stretch the boundaries of what many define as "traditional" Rockabilly we are drawn into his stories and songs. By doing so he reminds us that this is the true power of music. By the time we reach the end of the disc and the journey that Vince takes us on with It's A Wheel we are left with the discovery that this is indeed a true Rockabilly record and that the genre continues it's relevance and vibrancy.

Tracks 3, 4 and 6 (I Knew I'd Be Your Man/He Used To Work Long Hours/Dig That Breeze) are ready for heavy saturation air play and by themselves should do enough to satisfy any purist that Vince knows the genre and has more than done his homework.

Other tracks such as Track # 9 (I Am Hot) remind us that there are others such as Hasil Adkins, Charlie Feathers and Hank 3, to name just a few, that are willing to stretch the art form. I'm not saying Vince "Breaks" the rules but he certainly "Bends" them into a a contorted pretzel in his effort to present this genre as a relevant art form for the new millennium. To that end I believe he succeeds on a grand scale with his latest offering.

I began listening to the CD and immediately had several favorites. However, after repeated exploration into It's A Wheel I find the disc to be a solid reflection of where Vince is in the here and now from the first track to the last. In short, I like 'em all!

So sit back, crank it up and get ready to take a trip ... after all ... "It's A Wheel."


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