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Mean Side Of Town (Second Edition) album MP3

On the occasion of my band The Jime's 34 year anniversary in 2016, we have re-released our legendary 1997 CD album "Mean Side Of Town" as a MP3 download.
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Mean Side Of Town Second Edition CD mp3


Vince Gordon: says: On the occasion of my band The Jime's 34 year anniversary this year, I have re-released the legendary 1997 CD album "Mean Side Of Town" as a MP3 download.

The new version is called "Mean Side Of Town (Second edition)". It will also be known as the "Laura And Bill version" because our version of Bradshaws Train'Kept-a-Rollin that was on the first edtion of the album, has been replaced by one of my own songs "Laura And Bill" (One of my personal favs. - check it out and see what you think).Jime34logoThe reason was originally a simple matter of publishing. Now all the songs can be handled by ourself which is easier with less paperwork (=cheaper :-). After having finished the new album, it turns out I actually prefer the "Second edition". The "directors cut".
So if you're one of the roughly 7.4 billion people who didn't get our first CD the first time around, now is your chance!


"Modern Rockabilly with a production you'd normally only expect from the Stray Cats."
The BlackCat Website, Holland

"The music sounds so good, that you will not change the CD for weeks."
Rollin' Danny, Germany

"A masterpiece of good modern Neobilly, get that CD now!"
Guido 'Bronx' Buchter Bronx'n'Roll, Switzerland

"The opening track of this CD 'Gotto Be' blew me right away. It has a great sound and is such a catchy song. The last time a song hit me like that was probably the first time I heard 'Runaway Boys' by the Stray Cats. This band appear to be Danish and they're fantastic."
Alan Wilson, Deathrow Magazine, UK

"....with idioticly good guitar playing. How some rockabilly bands can keep on cloning the music, is incomprehensible when you hear The Jime with their own characteristic ideas and sounds."
Frans van Dongen, Boppin' Around Magazine, Holland

(5 Stars out of 5)
"The Jime picks up where the Stray Cats left off."
W.J. O'Reilly, USA

"'State of the art' Neo-Rockabilly. This is how production should be! Imagine how it was when you heard the First Stray Cats stuff - that great Rockabilly sound with today's 'BIG' production."
Roy Williams, Managing Director of Nervous Records, UK

Listen to the samples!


  1. The Jime - Gotto Be (03:31)
  2. The Jime - We Gotta Go (03:33)
  3. The Jime - (I Got) Sweetlove On My Mind (03:08)
  4. The Jime - (You Should Try) When Your Baby Cries (03:30)
  5. The Jime - Leave My Past Behind (03:00)
  6. The Jime - She Moves Me (03:13)
  7. The Jime - Jeannie C'mon (03:24)
  8. The Jime - You've Really Got A Lot To Learn(02:36)
  9. The Jime - Mean Side Of Town (03:57)
  10. The Jime - I'll Be Home (03:38)
  11. The Jime - Move On (02:57)
  12. The Jime - Laura And Bill (02:56) ->>> NEW!
  13. The Jime - In Your Dreams (05:16)
  14. The Jime - C'mon In (02:42)
  15. The Jime - Anyhow (04:45)

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